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Food is Fuel
Food is Medicine

There is incredible power in food.  Let's harness it.

Your health should be the main priority in your life, so don’t let it slip through the cracks. 

Blue Avocado is here to guide you stay on the right track to achieving all of your health goals.


Whether you are looking to enable your employees to be more productive or want to take charge of your own health, there are so many ways Blue Avocado can help.



Workplace Wellness

How to Eat for Performance

Did you know the average office worker is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day?

Let's change that!

Employees are a company's greatest asset. Your team's health and well-being are vital to your success in business.  Blue Avocado can help improve the health of your teams.  Our innovative workshops combine a team building approach with nutritional education to teach people how to improve their energy and performance by making simple changes to what they eat.

Wheat Field

Health Coaching Programs

Get healthier while maintaining your busy schedule!

Do you want to feel great in your body?  Are you ready to live your healthiest life?


Let's make positive changes!


Your health is your greatest asset.  It's vital to your enjoyment and success in life. If you want to tackle cravings, heal your gut, sleep better or find more energy, Health Coaching may be just what you need to help you live your healthiest and best life.


Prioritize your health now.


Want bite sized tips on gaining more energy and improving your well-being?

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Green Smoothie

Your cubicle-mate just sneezed on your laptop. Welcome to cold and flu season at the office. Here are some surprising tips on how to protect yourself.

October 16, 2018

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