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Personal Health Coaching

Do you ever wish you:


Felt more confident in a bathing suit?

Looked better in photos?

Enjoyed shopping for clothes?


Are you working out but not seeing results?


Are you tired of trying new diets all the time and just want lasting results?  


Health Coaching may be for you.


We won't count calories, carbs or fats.

You won't have to eat at home every night.

And you won't do it alone.


With a health coach, we'll work together to explore easy tweaks to your eating habits and lean into gradual changes.


As these small changes accumulate, they result in lasting changes.


We'll assess your eating, exercise, sleep, stress levels and find areas to make improvements without abruptly cutting out every food and drink you love.


When lifestyle changes are designed specifically for you, it can't fail!


Choose the package that suits you.



Free Breakthrough Session


  • Want to know more about how coaching can benefit you?

  • We'll discuss your unique situation in depth and how I can help you reach your goals.  

  • 30 minutes

  • Phone or Zoom

  • Cost - FREE!

Healthy Eating Tune-Up

For those who are on the right track, but want a little guidance.

  • One 45 minute session

  • Includes simple, healthy recipes

  • Phone or Zoom

  • Cost: $75

3 Month Kick-Start

  • Meet every two weeks 

  • Six 45 minute sessions

  • Includes simple, healthy recipes

  • Notes emailed after meeting, ongoing text support and handouts

  • Phone or Zoom

  • Cost $420



Corporate Clients

Cairns Oneil.png

Corporate Clients


Platinum Transformation

  • Meet every two weeks over Zoom

  • Twelve 45 minute sessions

  • Simple, healthy recipes

  • Notes e-mailed after meeting, ongoing text support and handout

  • Cost $960

Custom Meal Plan

Because weight loss happens when you cook at home!

  • One 7 Day Meal Plan Customized to you

  • Breakfast lunch, dinner & snacks

  • Easy to make recipes with detailed instructions

  • Grocery shopping list

  • Emailed in printable format

  • Text or email support during the week of the plan

  • Once purchased, you'll get a form to learn about your preferences and goals

  • Cost: $50

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