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Workshop Descriptions

Innovative Workshops coach teams how to Enhance Productivity

These seminars are fun and interactive and are often conducted over lunch. Employees will leave with action steps they can take immediately to dial up productivity and have access to Blue Avocado for follow-up questions.


Eat for Energy and Focus

  • Do you run out of energy mid-afternoon? Do you find yourself reaching for coffee, pop or candy so that you can find the stamina to complete that project at work?  These goods give us a temporary boost, but often don’t last and play havoc with our blood sugar.

  • We'll dive into why nutrition got so complicated in the first place, and provide simple tips on what to eat when you need to be your most productive.  


Eating Before Presentations

  • Do you get nervous before a big presentation and wonder if what you ate could make the difference between a good presentation and a great one?

  • In this session we'll explore how considering your food choices in the 24 hours leading up to your presentation can have a big impact on calming brain chemicals to give you the best edge during your presentation.


Eating on the Road

  • Do you have a sales team or a group of people that travel often for work?  It's hard to know what to eat on the road, at the airport or when entertaining clients regularly.  

  • This session will explore simple tips for eating at restaurants and grabbing food on the go that will allow you to get the most out of your day.


Becoming a Label Detective

  • Forget what you've learned about reading labels.  Stop looking at calories and fat and focus on the more important numbers like carbs, fibre and sugar.  

  • We'll dive into how to de-code a nutritional label that will have participants reorganizing their pantries as soon as they get home.


Cultivating Resilience and Stress Busting

  • Feeling stressed out?  Got a million things on the go and not sure how to get the focus you need?

  • This workshop will help identify your type of stress and then provide tools on how to deal with it.


Optimizing Sleep

  • Lack of sleep can cause stress hormones to increase.  What you eat in a day is often an overlooked component in what goes into a good night's sleep.  

  • This workshop will cover techniques to get restorative sleep and how to use nutrition to power it.


Avoiding Colds and Flu

  • Do you get all the colds that go around the office?

  • Want to know how to build yourself a force field to protect yourself from colds & flu?

  • This workshop covers how to use the power of food to avoid getting sick during cold & flu season.


Thriving in an Open Concept Office

  • Modern work environments mean that more and more teams are working in open areas and sharing close quarters with colleagues. 

  • Learn how to maximize productivity, focus on work and thrive in open concept offices.




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